Jemima (Body) Parratt
April 23, 2015 07:21PM
Jemima Body was born about 1808. She married John Parratt on 18 Mar 1832 in Swainswick, Somerset, England. They had their first child Fanny Born: 31 Dec 1832 and Baptized: 1 Jan 1836 at St. Swithins parish, Walcot, Somerset, England.

I cannot find this couple nor their children in the 1841 Census at all.
In the 1851 Census they are in St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England.

My problem is I cannot find Jemima Body's Birth, Baptism, or Christening! In the 1851 Census, the Census taker lists her as being born in Somerset, "Markfield or MAYBE Marshfield" and then that word follows with the word Belt or Bath.

I am not able to find anything that is close to those names except for Marshfield, Gloucester, England.
On the internet I found a Marshfield, Somerset but no real information about a town?

Can someone who knows this area please help me to figure out where she might have been born? She died August of 1851 of cholera, so there isn't any other record of where she is born.

Thank you,
Laurie Dykes-Martinez
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